Chris and I have been house sitting at my parents’ lake house since Friday. Even though the weather only cooperated on Saturday to get on the water, we’ve had a lot of fun. We’ll be hanging out until tomorrow, hopefully we’ll get some sunshine and we can play on the water some more! Some snapshots of our weekend …

We went to a new brewery at SML called Sunken City Brewery. It was a fun way to spend a very rainy Friday!

We went to a new brewery at SML called Sunken City Brewery. It was a fun way to spend a very rainy Friday!

Can you find her?

Can you find her?

Fun with the A Beautiful Mess app

Fun with the A Beautiful Mess app

615 Saturday morning: headed to take my FINAL test for my teaching license.

615 Saturday morning: headed to take my FINAL test for my teaching license.

Fishing on the dock

Fishing on the dock


Lots of this ...

Lots of this …

Meant to be on the water!

Lots of fish around …


… but no bites!


Blizzards! Double Fuge Cookie Dough for Chris, Heath bar for me

Blizzards! Double Fuge Cookie Dough for Chris, Heath bar for me

Meabh hanging out in the living room on this rainy morning

Meabh hanging out in the living room on this rainy morning

Today we’ll probably go into town just to mix it up – we’re getting a little cabin fever! I’m sure I’ll read some more and Chris will go out on the jet ski if this weather clears out!

Have a good start to your week, everyone!


Happy little … succulent

Get it? Happy little trees? Succulent? Just me?

I have not been shy about my lack of ability with photography. I just don’t have it in me. BUT! Last week I upgraded my phone to an iPhone, and you guys, that camera is like magic. I feel like my pictures are a lot better! I’m not too embarrassed to share some of them now. ;)

During my little day of freedom on Monday, I stopped by a newish Goodwill and found some fantastic goodies. For $7 I found a working brass desk lamp (looks kind of like this one), a set of cute teaspoons for a little idea I have, a small, braided hanging basket, and a little porcelain rabbit (I sprayed painted it with a bright, glossy blue exterior spray paint and he lives in the bushes now). 4 DIY projects for 7 bucks? I was super excited. I was most excited about the brass lamp because I have wanted one for.ever. and the little hanging basket.

When we moved into our house, one of the things I loved most was this little hexagonal window at the bottom of the steps that looks out onto the front porch. Apparently the previous owners had something hanging in the corner where the window was because a little hook was left behind in the ceiling. I always thought a plant would look cute there, but just hadn’t made that project a priority. $1 basket to the rescue!


I wanted to try the dip paint that is so popular right now. I really like it, but I don’t know that I would love it in a big piece. So, a little hanging basket was the perfect opportunity for me to try this out. I gathered my basket, test pot of paint from Lowes, and a brush and headed outside. I was going to tape off the line where I wanted to paint, but that wasn’t working out so I just used one of the braids as a guide.


After I painted the bottom 1/3 of the basket I decided that I needed to paint the bottom as well since it would be hanging high up and we could see the bottom of it.

Chris and I picked up a succulent at Lowes to add to the basket. I wanted something that wouldn’t need a ton of water and since I have a black thumb, something low maintenance was a must. I love the little plant we got – it’s called Donkey Tail and I think it will get flowers on it later this summer. I will admit the name was a pretty convincing sell, too. It made me chuckle.


Then, I hit a little snag. It’s pretty obvious even from the picture that my pot was too big for the basket! I kind of knew that when I bought it, but thought I would chance it because I loved the Donkey Tail so much.



I don’t have any pictures of how I fixed this because it involved a lot of cutting of the plastic pot, seeing if I cut it down small enough and then sticking it all back together. The basket is lined with a protective fabric, but I just wanted some additional security that water or soil wouldn’t leak out. Eventually I got the pot jammed down in there and you can’t see it – so alls well that ends well!

I was so excited to hang up my little basket! It makes for such a happy corner.


It’s just so darling! It makes me smile when I come inside, go upstairs, and come back down. I love that it’s not too bulky and that the plant is big enough to drape over the sides a little. Eek! I am so pleased. For $11 ($1 basket, $10 plant) – I totally think it’s worth it.

This corner is behind the front door, before you go up the stairs. So, we see it a lot. Right now I have a mini-gallery with a couple photos from our wedding and other pictures of us. Eventually I want to paint that yellow the same color as the rest of the downstairs (Balsam, by Olympic) but figuring out how to paint the tall wall on the steps has me befuddled (and scared of heights). I think the basket really punches up an otherwise kind of boeing and simply functional corner.

These projects are my favorite! The simple ones that are kind of unexpected. And it’s not bad when they turn out better than you planned! Isn’t it so satisfying when something turns out so wonderfully? It happens rarely for me (usually I have a lot of roadblocks in my projects!); what about y’all?

A Zoo and a Sandwich

Life has been wacky. Kudos to MK for taking a timeout!

Last week, Harker and I took a parallel field trip to Todd’s class’s field trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo.


This was a park space, NOT an animal enclosure.

How early does that classic boyishness start, I ask you!? We had a reasonably good time, though the highlights for Hark were going strollerless for short bursts of time and seeing Daddy walk up.


There is no camera built that can capture the amount of peanut butter on this child at this time.

We were also delighted to drop in to see a very special Aunt, and I completed the shouldn’t-be-an-achievement-but-guys-it-TOTALLY-IS feat of driving home from Richmond without a GPS!!!

I also realized the incredible affinity I have for the individual who convinced children that crusts should be cut off of sandwiches. What brilliance!!! The crust is the. best. part. !!! And what’s more – removing the crust for your child (At least, at first? As far as I know?!) is a parenting rite of passage that I’m over the moon for. What easier, pain free way do you get to show that “mother’s love”?

You guys, I’m not kidding about this. Sitting in the car, sharing PB & J sandwiches with my little boy, I felt like a Mom.

And I mean that in the best sense possible, and I mean that in a deeper way than I can show you in one wonky little post. Loving Harker is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Getting to the point where I didn’t feel guilty that he’d been stuck with me, well, that’s been a different road entirely.

I’ve heard the road of parenthood is paved with self doubt, but for now, all that I’m going to focus on is a picnic of PB & J to share on our adventure.


It looks like he took the picture, doesn’t it?!

You step a little closer each day …

Happy Monday evening!

We had an awesome weekend in Durham, NC visiting my best friend and her boyfriend. They live in a great area and I LOVED exploring their new city. It is definitely one my favorite trips I’ve taken and I can’t wait to go back. I already miss my best!

Chris and I got home laaate last night and stayed up even later watching 24. Today, I gave myself a rare day to kind of go with the flow and do whatever I wanted to do. Anyone that knows me knows that days that like happen very rarely. I try to work towards becoming the person I want to be … some days there are big steps and some there are little steps. Today felt like a “big step” day, keeping my worries and bay and enjoying this really fantastic life that we’re fortunate enough to have. I don’t know if anyone else struggles with that, but I am consciously trying to change my negative thoughts into  positive ones. Or at least get the negative ones outta there.


We stayed in bed late, watched even more 24, ran to Target for an adapter for my new iPhone (!) and spent rest of the day relaxing. I had a little coffee-filled afternoon with my neighbor and played with cars with her boys. I read on my porch and worked on some craft projects. I ran to some thrift shops and found some great treasures. Other than almost getting stuck between two crazy fighting people at TJ Maxx, it was a stellar day. I wrapped it up with a homemade vodka sauce, a Target run with my sisterneighbor, and The Voice.

I am always so worried about what is coming next. The hunt for a job is a tough one and 7 months in I’m feeling a little worried, a little scared. Things are kind of up in the air for Chris and me in a lot of ways. But, I decided that for today, all those worries could wait. They will still be there tomorrow and one day of just fun … well, I think it’s allowed.

Days like today are easy to be grateful for. I think they make you stronger for the ones that are harder to find the silver lining. We all deserve a little rest.

Have a wonderful week, y’all.

xo, Mk

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Google: the thief of happiness

Below is an open letter to myself regarding Googling anything, only excluding: celebrity gossip, recipes, and figuring out what day of the month it is. 

Dear Mary Kate,

You’re writing this letter to yourself to remind you not to Google! You love to Google. You’re a Google addict. Googling leads to a tunnel of links, websites, and UNRELIABLE information for days!

It has to stop. The anxiety you’re trying to relieve while Googling only multiplies when you find out that if you stop taking medication you can have seizures at random. And oh, not taking that other medication exactly one hour before you eat will only lead to heartache and stomachaches.

WebMD is NOT your friend. Ever. That slight pain in your neck – yeah, you have cancer. Your pulled muscle from working out will need surgery. That symptom checker always includes several types of terminal illness, but do you think it ever includes the common cold? Uh, no.

Googling one thing only leads to another, MK. What’s the weather going to be today? Oh, a severe thunderstorm warning you say? Make sure you find out every little bit of information about that one and then go take shelter in the basement. It really is a sickness.

When you Google, “baking polymer clay in the oven” for a cute idea you have, you will feel like you need to buy an entirely new oven because of some mysterious toxin released into the air that will poison all your food! When in all actuality, if you hadn’t read that comment on the blog post found from dear Google, you would have baked that clay in the oven, ON A PLATE THAT YOU EAT OFF OF, no less, and never thought twice of it.

The refrigerator life of that zucchini Chris bought last week? Well, Google says 2 to 3 days in your refrigerator … but it looks fine to you. But, it’s best to be safe and toss that green vegetable away – and throw money right in the trash. Google, you thief of nutrition.

There are very few websites that are appropriate for doing a wide search. Google is not one of them! It is a death trap! Try BuzzFeed for hilarious news and random Supermarket Sweep gifs. Use Wikipedia to find out about the Green Mountain Boys or that random celebrity on The Voice that you, you uncultured gal, can’t quite place!

For your sake and the sanity of your family, friends, and doctor, stop the madness. Stop using Google.

Love (,) yourself

Ready to Hit the Road?

As we enter prime travel season, it’s an unpleasant fact that automobile accidents increase. They are terrifying, emotional, and physically painful, even in the best of circumstances. Especially when traveling with children, it is beyond critical to not leave certain preparations out.

Baby Driver

Do not allow your child to actually operate the vehicle!

One preparation of which Todd and I were made aware during our infant care class is the CHAD sticker program. From the Traveler’s Protective Association website:

The CHAD safety seat child identification program has been developed as a result of a traffic accident involving a 13-month old boy named Chad. The baby-sitter who was driving was killed. Chad was injured but no one at the scene knew his identity. Only because an emergency room nurse recognized him could his parents be quickly located and his injuries be treated.

What a horrifying circumstance! To protect against this happening again, the TPA has created the CHAD – Children Have An iDentity – sticker. They (or similar emergency identification stickers) are free from local law enforcement agencies and fire departments. You can also have the installation of your child’s safety seat verified if you call and make an appointment. They look like this:

Emergency personnel are trained to look for stickers like these in case of a crisis. One hopes that the most for which they are ever needed is the peace of mind that your child would receive the care that they need without undue delay from waiting to identify him or her in order to authorize treatment. May your summer travels be swift, safe & super restorative!

Like This

Like this!

Not Like This

… not like this!

Glimetime Summertime

Summer is nearly here and the Glime household couldn’t be happier. Chris is able to get back out on his bike, I can read on the porch, and the fuzz balls can enjoy the sun. We do the most “stuff” during the summer and fall months, so about this time of year we start making big plans.

Even though Chris’s crazy job has its challenges, the nice part is that when he’s home, he. is. home. He doesn’t have to work unless he’s on site, so he’s all mine those two weeks every month that he’s home. Since I work mainly from home, we have a lot of freedom to spend our time together in whatever way we choose. We really take advantage of that (I promise!), especially in summertime.

I am a perpetual list-maker. This girl loves a list for every single little thing. So, naturally I have a list for “things I would like for us to do together during the rest of the year.” Some of these things won’t happen, but it’s nice to know what we want to do so we can avoid sitting around saying, “Well … what do you want to do?”

Today I give to you, “Things the Glime family would like to do together, Summer 2013 edition”

  1. Play glow-in-the-dark golf at Tiny Town (a local favorite that’s been around forever).
  2. Go back to Douthat State Park. We took a trip there at the end of last summer and it was beautiful. They have fantastic mountain biking, so while Chris bikes I can sit at the campsite and read.
  3. Check out a new state park. We’ve been to quite a few in Virginia, but there are some close to home that we haven’t checked out before.
  4. Bonus** Something that Chris specifically wants to do! Back in college we found this sweet camping spot in the national forest. It was *free*, right by a stream, and had some good biking nearby. He wants to find somewhere like that near where we live now, probably on the AT. I’m not so anxious to do this, as I like having bathrooms.
  5. We are taking a trip down to Charleston at the end of the summer, so I cannot wait for some good beach time and doing some fun things in the city.
  6. We try to go somewhere new every year, and I think we’ll get around to that soon – if Chris’s job cooperates with our plans!
  7. Go fishing. Simple.
  8. Hike along the Appalachian Trail by the river.
  9. Have nightly happy hour on our deck.
  10. I really want to get back to getting our produce from the Farmer’s Market and trying out lots of seasonal recipes. I also like going down to the market on Saturdays for my favorite sweet potato pancakes at Market at Main. Mmmm, good.

I usually have a couple favorite summer songs that come out this time of year. Here are two of my favorites:

What about you guys? Do you have big summer plans that you’re dreaming about? Do you go to the same spot every summer or try out new places? Any other state park lovers out there?

xo, Mk

Mid-Week Round Up 2

Happy Wednesday afternoon, y’all! I hope you have something fun planned to break up the work week. Wednesdays are actually the day I end up not working, so I’m able to clean up the house (it’s especially bad after Chris packs to head to work) and spend some time on fun projects.

Here are some of our favorite links from the past week!


1. Today I’m wearing this shirt ….


2. And I made these scones.


I added a capful of almond extract to the recipe, my Mom’s secret ingredient, because they are for her very special birthday. I also sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and they turned out lovely. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

Mom and I, circa Christmas 1985.

Mom and I, circa Christmas 1985.

 Mary Kate

1. I spotted this cookbook while we were visiting Chris’s sister a couple weeks ago. I ordered it from Amazon for a whopping 8 bucks and I am in love with it! I was feeling in a bit of a cooking rut, but this has already got me working on new recipes.

2. My sisterneighbor, Kathryn, snagged me this J. Crew necklace from our outlet for my birthday. I had a hard time finding outfits that worked with it during the colder months, but now that we’re into spring and summer, I see myself wearing this a lot for date nights, to dress up a casual t-shirt, etc.

JCrew Bubble Necklace

3. Um, can we talk about this room for a minute? Crisp kitchen, comfy chic sectional (nearly impossible to find! I’ve been on the lookout for months!), beautiful blues, fresh flowers, AND Corgis?! Y’all. Really.

living room

Quick Typography: His and Hers

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Chris and I were busy bees with a wedding, attending a baby shower (me), and helping with cabinet installation for our friends (him). We did sneak in some time to finish up a season of 24 and start the seventh season. Aside from my husband … Jack Bauer is my favorite man. I don’t see it as a problem that he’s fictional. Fun fact, Chris and I have decided to name our next dog Bauer in homage to our favorite TV show of all time. I about died when I heard about 24 returning for a mini-season next year.

Chris will be heading out to work on site later this week, and I always get a little sad to see him go. After 3+ years of this we definitely are used to the time apart and luckily he’s not gone for months at a time like he used to be! I’m a sentimental person already, but I think his frequent absences only add to that. In some ways it’s nice because the time we have together is always special, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a “normal” life.

To offset some of my mopey mood over Chris leaving, I try to work on fun little projects. A month or so ago I whipped up some fun art for our bathroom. Since we’ve moved in, the two full baths have stayed mostly untouched. I have ideas for them, but working in such small spaces can be frustrating and I’m just not ready to tackle that yet. But, this quick project is easy to move around when I decide to paint and could end up really anywhere in our house.

I wanted to make a “his and hers” type piece that kind of highlighted our individual quirks and the different parts of our relationship. Chris and I are like oil and water, but we also have the potential to be the perfect balance. Maybe in 50 years or so we’ll reach that balance, ha! Since neither of us can stand to sit still, I think it’s better that we married each other. It’s always exciting and even if we butt heads (a lot), it’s really fun in a weird way (right, babe?).

I ended up resizing my paper to 12 x 12 and just typing little sayings about each of us. To make it look truly square I “justified” my text as I went and just moved my little phrases around until I got a look I liked. After I had my phrases, I added a text box, made the font size gigantic and typed “he” or “she” on the appropriate page. I chose a fun font, FFF Tusj that I had downloaded from as the font for that text. I moved the text box to the back so the phrases were on top and readable, and changed the font color to a yellow that would show up, but not overpower the main text.

I printed the 2 pages at Kinkos and the cost for both pages was under 3 bucks! I grabbed two 12 x 12 frames at Michaels and they ended up being less than $20 total with my coupon.


This project was super quick and inexpensive. I really love it and it looks great in our bathroom. They hang above our towel hooks, but who knows, I’m sure they’ll move somewhere else at some point! I would show y’all a picture, but it’s almost impossible to get a good photo in a room that small and who knows! Maybe I’ll get myself together enough to revamp that bathroom this summer and we’ll have a grand reveal! If you look closely at “he,” you can see a major grammar mistake from where I decided to change how I was wording it and just didn’t catch it. It sounds crazy if you actually read it out loud, but it makes me laugh!

Best laid plans

Well, friends. I lost all my photos for my original post.

Then I lost all the text for this post.

Clearly, WordPress and I aren’t jiving today.

Thanks for your patience with me.

xo, Mk


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