Customized Toms Shoes for Zero Dollars!

I did not think it was possible to love my Toms any more than I already did. Todd bought them for me for Christmas & they are classic black:


However, they didn’t go that great with skirts, which I especially love to wear in the warmer weather. Obviously, I refused to take an unflattering picture, but this is what I felt like:

In pursuit of a new professional wardrobe that matches style with an intense uptick in practicality (No more peep-toe pumps! Tear!), I’ve had my eye on these babies for an upgrade:

However, $65-$70 for a new pair of shoes for an occasional job (I’m substitute teaching right now) is not in our Dave Ramsey budget!

Enter my favorite two tools for creativity: a really sharp pair of scissors and a lo-temp hot glue gun.

1. Trim

I cut out the granny elastic that comes all the way up the foot, right along the canvas. Next, I rounded out that cut a bit to soften the toe cleavage, and twice snipped about 1/4 inch into the half circle I had cut in order to be able to fold the canvas over.



2. Fold

Fold over the raw edges. I began with the sides, since they were more stiff.

Looks like shark teeth!

Looks like shark teeth!

3. Glue

The trick to use when gluing both layers of fabric together, and then ultimately to the inside of the shoe, is to go very slowly and use as little glue as possible. The glue should cool off fairly quickly, and you should be able to squish the fabric around to keep it a little bit malleable and fairly flat. [If you’re like me, you’ll do this far better on the second shoe.]

To recap: Trim, fold, glue (first sides, then front) and you will have this:



Already, these hard-lovin’ shoes were a lot more skirt friendly. But while sitting on the couch at the end of the day, as we are wont to do on weeknights at the ol’ Birdhouse, I decided to go one step further for  my little dream boats. I broke out a Sharpie for the white foam soles.

What was I thinking?!

What was I thinking?!

One mild hand cramp and a flabbergasted husband later, this is my finished product:


Foggy Spring morning magic!

And this is how I felt this morning, slipping them on:

*Humming to self while friendly rodents help me prepare for the day*

[Humming delightedly to self while friendly rodents help me prepare for the day…]

Those are Cinderella’s toeless feet, in case you didn’t recognize the helpful mice matrons.

So that’s how I’m starting my weekend – new, princess-approved shoes for free! What are you doing to celebrate making it through another week?


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