Mama Knows


Me, circa 1989


Pink is my color. Obviously.

When I was little, I loved to dress up like a ballerina and twirl, twirl, twirl. When I was finally big enough to take dance lessons at Forest Dance Academy, I was so tremendously excited! I was exceptionally adorable, but not preternaturally talented. In fact, I was downright overwhelmed. “Mom, I just can’t keep up! They are moving so fast, twirling their arms, switching their feet, and spinning across the floor! All the others girls aren’t having a problem at all!”

Mom, around 1979.

Mom and Dad, from their yearbook, around 1979

Patiently waiting for me to spew all of my tiny worry and melodrama, my mom calmly told me, “It’s okay, Bonnie.”

Nurse Pinning

At Mom’s nurse pinning ceremony: Aunt Jennifer, Mom, Dad & Mom’s Mom – my Grandma Dixie

Before I could negate her statement with an emphatic temper tantrum, she went on:

At the Beach

Mom & Dad at Myrtle Beach last summer

“You’ll get it soon! You just need to take it a little bit at a time. So, first, just focus on the feet. When you can do that part without thinking so much, add the arms. Then you can add the jazzy hands, and twirls, and leaps. You can do it, just give yourself the chance.”

Mom and I

Mom and I before my and Todd’s wedding

Thank you, Mom, for the awesome advice. It’s wisdom that has helped me in every facet of my life so far, from dance class to being a wife and mom to career choice. Whatever it is I want to do in the future, too, I know that I’ll nail it – just sticking with it & taking everything I can one step at a time.


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