Bonnie’s 5 Favorite Spots at Home

Back Yard

This jungle-ish corner of our back yard is the first place in our home I got to really test my green thumb. It’s overstuffed with boxwoods, knockout roses, and various wild fauna.

Gallery Wall

This is the gallery wall in our dining room, over our breakfast nook. It features our parents, grandparents, Harker and us! It also features a sweet graphic that Todd gave me for Christmas last year that is going to feature heavily in a future update I’m planning…

Hark's Room

I adore sitting in Harker’s room, in his comfy glider, snuggling up with him to read, or watching him play with his Mega Blocks. This is the happiest room in the whole house!


I adore this part of the kitchen – all of the color, the light clutter, and the easy utility.


Harker & Todd gave me six yellow rose bushes for my first Mother’s Day. I planted them along the front of the house, and they are a big part of what makes coming home so welcoming!



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