Mid-week Round Up!

Hi there! Here’s what MK and I are up to when we aren’t blogging, teaching, or otherwise being fabulous:

From MK:

This picture was inspiration for the menus at the baby shower I held last weekend. More details to come next week!

This looks like heaven. Corgis? Beach? 140+ corgis?

I’m trying a white chicken chili recipe tonight. I’ll let you know how this recipe comes out. Looks delicious to me! Gluten free to boot!

My favorite shirts. I already have the “Blue Ridge” one, but this Appalachia one is en route to my house! The Old Try, ftw!



Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 1.07.55 PM

Todd and I are constantly challenging one another on the Disney themed quizzes, but the trivia games on Sporcle are addictive regardless of your interest or expertise!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 1.13.34 PM

Better Homes & Gardens has long been a reliable source for style advice, but it was somehow only last year that I took a second glance at the other part of their name. This morning, I just finished the garden that BHG planned for me using the Garden Plan Finder, and I am super pleased! (Pictures to come as soon as the sun cooperates!)

Tonight, we’re having one of our favorite meals – chicken fried rice from Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats! Always yummy, and delightfully easy!

What are you up to this week, dear reader?


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