Getcha Some (Momentum, that is.)

I seriously cannot be the only person who struggles with this scenario: your to-do list is as long as you are tall, you have a very short window of time between commitments (like children, or jobs, or both) in which to complete all the items with the panache and effortless grace of Holly Golightly cum Martha Stewart.  Rather than beginning at the top of the list, and drudgingly completing whatever you might be able to squeeze in; rather than cherry picking the quickest, easiest items, or trying to triage the most incredibly urgent, I say, start with a different list.

The items below are my sure-fire activities to start productivity with positivity! Just be sure to keep them small, quick, and why don’t you add some happy tunes?

1. Make Your Bed

Seriously, could it get any easier? I adore my bed. It’s a fluffy oasis when the rest of the house is… not. It’s brightly colored, it’s soft, it’s cool. But – there is something that just wracks my nerves when this oasis is a big, fluffy mess. Maybe because it’s too tempting to climb back in…


At any rate: it’s a beautiful way to draw a line in the sand about order in your day. Go do it, right now!

2. Eat Something

Not just anything, though: eat something lively! As the saying goes, you are what you eat. If you want to be a pure ball of energy and light, that’s what you need to focus on eating.

Feeling Lively

Let Kemi Nekvapil explain more about that principal, and her overall perspective on being creative AND effective in her Big Hearted Business Inspiration Bomb video.

3. Plant Something

Along the lines of being lively above, if you want to bring life to the world around you, then do it! An herb garden is a fantastic way to do it, because it is simple, relatively cheap, and thrives on being used and abused. Oh, fresh basil, cilantro and sage. Yum!

Plant Something

We got our killer planter boxed from our friend Kathryn (Yes! That very one from the baby shower post yesterday, and who blogs over at Life Spruce!)

4. Paint Something

Now, we’re getting heavy into project/to-do list territory. There are, at any given point in space-time, at least a half-dozen places where a very simple swipe of paint (really, the lack thereof) is making me utterly batty. So, to this, I say snag that paintbrush we all keep in the fridge for “someday” and paint already!

Paint Something

NOTE: Keep this light – touchup, correction and the like. Do not tackle a whole room on a whim! Or at least, don’t say I told you to, unless it turns out really well. Then send me before and afters and thank me for being such a great life coach!)

5.  Pay It Forward

Leave something you don’t need on your curb and post a curb-alert on craigslist. Take a load of gently worn business clothing or baby items to the local women’s shelter. Drop off a bag of cat food or towels at your municipality’s Humane Society. You’ll be clearing out clutter that you don’t need, and reminded of just how good you have it – and that is some serious positive momentum!


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