Wednestagram 2

We hope everyone’s having a fantastic week so far! Last night Bonnie and her troupe came over for chicken chili (finally made the recipe – came out great!). Today is my day off for the week and hopefully I’ll be able to get the house looking upright again!

Here are some of our favorite Instagram shots from the past couple weeks.


Mother’s Day weekend was wonderful! On Saturday, we went to the Strawberry Festival, where Harker got to ride the Big Boy Swing and try a Deep Fried Oreo with Grandpa! (Side note from MK: I am totally jealous that I missed this!)


Fair 1 Fair 2

On Sunday, after making me breakfast, ;oD Harker decided it was time to play ball.
Batter Up
He also squeezed in a little yard work. Or rather, he watched Daddy mow the lawn from his new favorite perch!
Mary Kate:
Chris and I took a whirlwind trip to see his family up north this weekend, but first we stopped at Todd and Bonnie’s for Todd’s birthday dinner. My parents were taking a walk with Harker when we got there.
Chris’s parents’ cat Misty has this “begging” trick that always cracks me up. It’s like she’s summoning you for a treat. I am probably the only person that thinks this is funny.
There are so few pictures of Chris and me that I have to make sure to remember this one! We had a little family portrait session on Mother’s Day at his sister’s house. Please don’t mind my half-open eyes.
I am such a homebody. I loved coming home on Monday to the fuzz balls. They seemed really happy to see us too. We spent all day Tuesday out in the yard with the dogs putting down mulch and detailing my Subaru. Check out those cute smiles!
Have a great middle of the week, y’all! Do something that makes ya feel good.

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