Quick Typography: His and Hers

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Chris and I were busy bees with a wedding, attending a baby shower (me), and helping with cabinet installation for our friends (him). We did sneak in some time to finish up a season of 24 and start the seventh season. Aside from my husband … Jack Bauer is my favorite man. I don’t see it as a problem that he’s fictional. Fun fact, Chris and I have decided to name our next dog Bauer in homage to our favorite TV show of all time. I about died when I heard about 24 returning for a mini-season next year.

Chris will be heading out to work on site later this week, and I always get a little sad to see him go. After 3+ years of this we definitely are used to the time apart and luckily he’s not gone for months at a time like he used to be! I’m a sentimental person already, but I think his frequent absences only add to that. In some ways it’s nice because the time we have together is always special, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a “normal” life.

To offset some of my mopey mood over Chris leaving, I try to work on fun little projects. A month or so ago I whipped up some fun art for our bathroom. Since we’ve moved in, the two full baths have stayed mostly untouched. I have ideas for them, but working in such small spaces can be frustrating and I’m just not ready to tackle that yet. But, this quick project is easy to move around when I decide to paint and could end up really anywhere in our house.

I wanted to make a “his and hers” type piece that kind of highlighted our individual quirks and the different parts of our relationship. Chris and I are like oil and water, but we also have the potential to be the perfect balance. Maybe in 50 years or so we’ll reach that balance, ha! Since neither of us can stand to sit still, I think it’s better that we married each other. It’s always exciting and even if we butt heads (a lot), it’s really fun in a weird way (right, babe?).

I ended up resizing my paper to 12 x 12 and just typing little sayings about each of us. To make it look truly square I “justified” my text as I went and just moved my little phrases around until I got a look I liked. After I had my phrases, I added a text box, made the font size gigantic and typed “he” or “she” on the appropriate page. I chose a fun font, FFF Tusj that I had downloaded from dafont.com as the font for that text. I moved the text box to the back so the phrases were on top and readable, and changed the font color to a yellow that would show up, but not overpower the main text.

I printed the 2 pages at Kinkos and the cost for both pages was under 3 bucks! I grabbed two 12 x 12 frames at Michaels and they ended up being less than $20 total with my coupon.


This project was super quick and inexpensive. I really love it and it looks great in our bathroom. They hang above our towel hooks, but who knows, I’m sure they’ll move somewhere else at some point! I would show y’all a picture, but it’s almost impossible to get a good photo in a room that small and who knows! Maybe I’ll get myself together enough to revamp that bathroom this summer and we’ll have a grand reveal! If you look closely at “he,” you can see a major grammar mistake from where I decided to change how I was wording it and just didn’t catch it. It sounds crazy if you actually read it out loud, but it makes me laugh!


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