Glimetime Summertime

Summer is nearly here and the Glime household couldn’t be happier. Chris is able to get back out on his bike, I can read on the porch, and the fuzz balls can enjoy the sun. We do the most “stuff” during the summer and fall months, so about this time of year we start making big plans.

Even though Chris’s crazy job has its challenges, the nice part is that when he’s home, he. is. home. He doesn’t have to work unless he’s on site, so he’s all mine those two weeks every month that he’s home. Since I work mainly from home, we have a lot of freedom to spend our time together in whatever way we choose. We really take advantage of that (I promise!), especially in summertime.

I am a perpetual list-maker. This girl loves a list for every single little thing. So, naturally I have a list for “things I would like for us to do together during the rest of the year.” Some of these things won’t happen, but it’s nice to know what we want to do so we can avoid sitting around saying, “Well … what do you want to do?”

Today I give to you, “Things the Glime family would like to do together, Summer 2013 edition”

  1. Play glow-in-the-dark golf at Tiny Town (a local favorite that’s been around forever).
  2. Go back to Douthat State Park. We took a trip there at the end of last summer and it was beautiful. They have fantastic mountain biking, so while Chris bikes I can sit at the campsite and read.
  3. Check out a new state park. We’ve been to quite a few in Virginia, but there are some close to home that we haven’t checked out before.
  4. Bonus** Something that Chris specifically wants to do! Back in college we found this sweet camping spot in the national forest. It was *free*, right by a stream, and had some good biking nearby. He wants to find somewhere like that near where we live now, probably on the AT. I’m not so anxious to do this, as I like having bathrooms.
  5. We are taking a trip down to Charleston at the end of the summer, so I cannot wait for some good beach time and doing some fun things in the city.
  6. We try to go somewhere new every year, and I think we’ll get around to that soon – if Chris’s job cooperates with our plans!
  7. Go fishing. Simple.
  8. Hike along the Appalachian Trail by the river.
  9. Have nightly happy hour on our deck.
  10. I really want to get back to getting our produce from the Farmer’s Market and trying out lots of seasonal recipes. I also like going down to the market on Saturdays for my favorite sweet potato pancakes at Market at Main. Mmmm, good.

I usually have a couple favorite summer songs that come out this time of year. Here are two of my favorites:

What about you guys? Do you have big summer plans that you’re dreaming about? Do you go to the same spot every summer or try out new places? Any other state park lovers out there?

xo, Mk


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