Happy little … succulent

Get it? Happy little trees? Succulent? Just me?

I have not been shy about my lack of ability with photography. I just don’t have it in me. BUT! Last week I upgraded my phone to an iPhone, and you guys, that camera is like magic. I feel like my pictures are a lot better! I’m not too embarrassed to share some of them now. ;)

During my little day of freedom on Monday, I stopped by a newish Goodwill and found some fantastic goodies. For $7 I found a working brass desk lamp (looks kind of like this one), a set of cute teaspoons for a little idea I have, a small, braided hanging basket, and a little porcelain rabbit (I sprayed painted it with a bright, glossy blue exterior spray paint and he lives in the bushes now). 4 DIY projects for 7 bucks? I was super excited. I was most excited about the brass lamp because I have wanted one for.ever. and the little hanging basket.

When we moved into our house, one of the things I loved most was this little hexagonal window at the bottom of the steps that looks out onto the front porch. Apparently the previous owners had something hanging in the corner where the window was because a little hook was left behind in the ceiling. I always thought a plant would look cute there, but just hadn’t made that project a priority. $1 basket to the rescue!


I wanted to try the dip paint that is so popular right now. I really like it, but I don’t know that I would love it in a big piece. So, a little hanging basket was the perfect opportunity for me to try this out. I gathered my basket, test pot of paint from Lowes, and a brush and headed outside. I was going to tape off the line where I wanted to paint, but that wasn’t working out so I just used one of the braids as a guide.


After I painted the bottom 1/3 of the basket I decided that I needed to paint the bottom as well since it would be hanging high up and we could see the bottom of it.

Chris and I picked up a succulent at Lowes to add to the basket. I wanted something that wouldn’t need a ton of water and since I have a black thumb, something low maintenance was a must. I love the little plant we got – it’s called Donkey Tail and I think it will get flowers on it later this summer. I will admit the name was a pretty convincing sell, too. It made me chuckle.


Then, I hit a little snag. It’s pretty obvious even from the picture that my pot was too big for the basket! I kind of knew that when I bought it, but thought I would chance it because I loved the Donkey Tail so much.



I don’t have any pictures of how I fixed this because it involved a lot of cutting of the plastic pot, seeing if I cut it down small enough and then sticking it all back together. The basket is lined with a protective fabric, but I just wanted some additional security that water or soil wouldn’t leak out. Eventually I got the pot jammed down in there and you can’t see it – so alls well that ends well!

I was so excited to hang up my little basket! It makes for such a happy corner.


It’s just so darling! It makes me smile when I come inside, go upstairs, and come back down. I love that it’s not too bulky and that the plant is big enough to drape over the sides a little. Eek! I am so pleased. For $11 ($1 basket, $10 plant) – I totally think it’s worth it.

This corner is behind the front door, before you go up the stairs. So, we see it a lot. Right now I have a mini-gallery with a couple photos from our wedding and other pictures of us. Eventually I want to paint that yellow the same color as the rest of the downstairs (Balsam, by Olympic) but figuring out how to paint the tall wall on the steps has me befuddled (and scared of heights). I think the basket really punches up an otherwise kind of boeing and simply functional corner.

These projects are my favorite! The simple ones that are kind of unexpected. And it’s not bad when they turn out better than you planned! Isn’t it so satisfying when something turns out so wonderfully? It happens rarely for me (usually I have a lot of roadblocks in my projects!); what about y’all?


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