A Zoo and a Sandwich

Life has been wacky. Kudos to MK for taking a timeout!

Last week, Harker and I took a parallel field trip to Todd’s class’s field trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo.


This was a park space, NOT an animal enclosure.

How early does that classic boyishness start, I ask you!? We had a reasonably good time, though the highlights for Hark were going strollerless for short bursts of time and seeing Daddy walk up.


There is no camera built that can capture the amount of peanut butter on this child at this time.

We were also delighted to drop in to see a very special Aunt, and I completed the shouldn’t-be-an-achievement-but-guys-it-TOTALLY-IS feat of driving home from Richmond without a GPS!!!

I also realized the incredible affinity I have for the individual who convinced children that crusts should be cut off of sandwiches. What brilliance!!! The crust is the. best. part. !!! And what’s more – removing the crust for your child (At least, at first? As far as I know?!) is a parenting rite of passage that I’m over the moon for. What easier, pain free way do you get to show that “mother’s love”?

You guys, I’m not kidding about this. Sitting in the car, sharing PB & J sandwiches with my little boy, I felt like a Mom.

And I mean that in the best sense possible, and I mean that in a deeper way than I can show you in one wonky little post. Loving Harker is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Getting to the point where I didn’t feel guilty that he’d been stuck with me, well, that’s been a different road entirely.

I’ve heard the road of parenthood is paved with self doubt, but for now, all that I’m going to focus on is a picnic of PB & J to share on our adventure.


It looks like he took the picture, doesn’t it?!


Ready to Hit the Road?

As we enter prime travel season, it’s an unpleasant fact that automobile accidents increase. They are terrifying, emotional, and physically painful, even in the best of circumstances. Especially when traveling with children, it is beyond critical to not leave certain preparations out.

Baby Driver

Do not allow your child to actually operate the vehicle!

One preparation of which Todd and I were made aware during our infant care class is the CHAD sticker program. From the Traveler’s Protective Association website:

The CHAD safety seat child identification program has been developed as a result of a traffic accident involving a 13-month old boy named Chad. The baby-sitter who was driving was killed. Chad was injured but no one at the scene knew his identity. Only because an emergency room nurse recognized him could his parents be quickly located and his injuries be treated.

What a horrifying circumstance! To protect against this happening again, the TPA has created the CHAD – Children Have An iDentity – sticker. They (or similar emergency identification stickers) are free from local law enforcement agencies and fire departments. You can also have the installation of your child’s safety seat verified if you call and make an appointment. They look like this:

Emergency personnel are trained to look for stickers like these in case of a crisis. One hopes that the most for which they are ever needed is the peace of mind that your child would receive the care that they need without undue delay from waiting to identify him or her in order to authorize treatment. May your summer travels be swift, safe & super restorative!

Like This

Like this!

Not Like This

… not like this!