Meet the Sisters

We wanted to start writing together so we can document our lives.

We met when Bonnie was in 5th grade, Mary Kate in 2nd. Mary Kate’s mom was Bonnie’s teacher and many afterschool afternoons were spent together. Our families became friends and being the only girls in the bunch, we naturally paired up at barbeques and birthdays. Eventually, Bonnie married MK’s brother and it is a big happily ever after story. We may not come from the same branch on a family tree, but we’re sisters at heart.

We have crazy stories to share, DIY mishaps and successes, and endless conversations over shared pots of tea. We decided it was time to make those memories and conversations something we can look back on and share with our families, friends, children, and children-to-be.

Mary Kate says …

You’ll either find me at home working on some crazy idea or at my parent’s lake house with my favorite people. I’m the very definition of a homebody, but my husband, Chris, is always challenging me to go outside my comfort zone.

Aside from my family and close friends, I love my dogs (and okay, cats, too) more than anything. Working with rescue dogs has taught me more about love and forgiveness than most people. I’ve been blessed enough to find the most loving and faithful dogs that I think I’ll ever meet. They’ve got my heart.

I’m a wife and daughter every single day, a teacher by profession, a Southerner by choice and birth and pride, and I try to be as understanding and compassionate as my mom taught me to be.

Bonnie and I are quite a pair. Never boring, our crazy sides come out when you bring up British (her) or Southern lit (me), or anything Doctor Who related. We can laugh about just about anything, and I know if I need someone to encourage me or to listen to be complain, she’s gonna be there. Ask us sometime about that air vent situation at the lake house. That’s a good story for us to tell. At the end of the day, I love that she and I love our families and want to give them the best life we can. That’ll always keep us together.



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