Vision Quest

The show Happy Endings is one of my favorites – check out reruns on Apparently, it’s in danger of getting the axe based on traditional statistical television viewing analyses (I don’t know either), but here’s a fantastic article that describes how it’s different from the other six attractive friends in an urban setting sitcoms that have sprung up since the success of Friends.

One character (Jane Kirkovich) is super organized and intentional about every. single. thing. she. does. She’s always trying to get her friends to be the same way (last week she tried to make over the friendly slob, Max). In the episode that inspired my post today, she tries to help Penny decide to happen to life, instead of having life happen to her.

So, it’s a silly sitcom, but I watched it at a time in my own life when I was trying to articulate just that idea. Thanks to Pinterest, I was quickly and easily able to assemble my own vision board of sorts. I named it “The Jane,” in honor of the character who inspired me.

Most of my own board appears to have become positivity central (Sidebar: does anyone else have Pinterest load only random parts of their boards occasionally?). I have also pinned visualizations I particularly liked that indicated, for me, what home is about, or career ideas, along with some very special role models. A few of the highlights that are cooperating at this time:





The key component of an effective vision board is that it gives you a visual shorthand to feel inspired. Not in the way that window shopping or Pinterest does – this is not about having a to-do list. This is about feeling out what your life looks like when the to-do list becomes a been-done list.



One thought on “Vision Quest

  1. I love the last line. I always get hung up on the little things on my “to-do” list without keeping in mind the reason behind that ever expanding list. I love the idea of having a pinterest board just for this purpose. Well done =)

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